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Memory Foam Mattresses – What Makes Them So Good?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, many people usually opt for standard, spring types. Even though these types of mattresses are cheap and widely available, they are still inferior to the memory foam ones. Now, the main reason why many people don’t know this fact is simply because they are not familiar with the key features and characteristics of memory foam mattresses. If you are one of those people, stay with us, as we will focus on what makes memory foam mattresses better than traditional spring ones.

Key differences

Foam MattressesTraditional spring mattresses typically rely on a limited number of springs to support one’s body. The problem here is that due to this limited number of springs, a traditional mattress can adjust to your body only to a limited degree. Typically, there will be numerous pockets of space between the mattress and your body, which usually result in uncomfortable sleeping as well as neck and back problems.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are made from a visco-elastic foam material, which, theoretically, has an infinite number of “springs”. As a result, a memory foam mattress will not feature pockets of space, which means it will perfect support your body and fit its shape.

Key benefits of memory foams

A much better fit

The memory foam material is designed so as to sense the pressure coming from your body and react by molding its shape in order to fit it perfectly. The most obvious advantage here is that every part of your body will be fully and evenly supported, thus eliminating the chances of neck or back pains. The foam material will perfectly adjust its shape even to the finest contours of your body as well as reduce any excess movements.

Reducing excess movements

Thanks to its viscoelastic features, a memory foam mattress will greatly reduce the “bounce” and unwanted movements caused by you or your partner. If your partner tends to switch their sleeping positions often and move a lot, the mattress will effectively “absorb” that movement, thus ensuring an uninterrupted sleep.

Key features to pay attention to

The thickness

The special fit and feel of a memory foam mattress are mainly characterized by its top layer. When looking to purchase the right memory foam mattress, try to focus on those that have the thickness of at least 3 inches. Even though there are lots of thinner mattresses, most of them are simply incapable of providing proper support, and they usually “bottom out”. With a 3-inch mattress, you can be sure you will get the optimal support for a long time. To find such a model, you should check those memory foam mattresses and simply make your pick according to your needs.

The density

The density of every memory foam mattress is measured in pounds per cubic feet. When making your purchase, try to look for those that have a density of around 5 lb. Even though these are among the heavier ones, they will have a longer lifetime and feature the necessary firmness. In most cases, many people find low-density mattresses too soft.

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Mattress packaging

Finally, pay attention to the proper packaging. For that matter, look for those that feature vacuum packaging and that are properly rolled, not folded. A rolled mattress is superior to a folded one because the rolling process minimizes the number of sharp folds and offers gradual bending. With a vacuum packaging, the mattress will be free from any chemical odors or debris that may accumulate during the packaging process.