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Factors to Consider When Buying Fire Rated Access Doors

Access doors are doors designed to align with the surfaces where they are installed. This allows the doors to pave the way for practical as well as aesthetic reasons. They are typically used to allow access to enclosed spaces behind ceilings, walls, or floor. Although some are big enough for a human to pass through, most of them as quite small since their primary purpose is allowing access to small areas located right behind. On the hand, other access doors are designed for privacy, fire safety, among other requirements.

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Access doors designed for the fire safety are known as fire rated access doors. They are strictly designed as per high fire safety standards. Openings on the wall, floor or even ceiling no matter how small may pose a fire risk to the property. Therefore, it is essential that the areas be sealed entirely for preventing drafts by the use of airtight access doors. It is also worth noting that buying karp kstc panels will go a long way in securing one’s property. Fire rated access doors guarantee prevention in the transfer of flames, smoke, and heat in the event of a fire outbreak.

Materials Used

Fire rated access doors need to keep away smoke, flames, and even heat. For the doors to be highly effective in this task, materials like smoke proof minerals, super thick galvanized steel, and aluminum are used. If the material used is not effective in preventing heat transfer, then the door will not be effective.

Thick steel is highly effective because it is very strong and it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures since it has a melting point of above 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. Galvanizing the steel increases its resistance to corrosion. On the other hand, aluminum is more resistant to corrosion.


If your access door needs to secure you from unwanted people, you need to analyze your current security situation. Choose your door based on whether you require medium or high security.


Although the access door is meant to control fire in case of a fire accident, it does not have to be heavy. The last thing you need is an access door that is too heavy for you to handle. Doors made using aluminum are lighter than those made using galvanized steel are. The best thing is that they are equally effective fire rated access doors.



As you choose your fire rated access door, bear in mind the size of the area you want to place the door. The best thing will be for you to take accurate measurements of the area then carry them when you go shopping.


Cost is not the first factor you need to consider, but it is essential. First, figure out all the feature you want in the door. Then shop around for a door using those features. You can ask friends and family to refer you to cost-friendly sellers. However, remember not to compromise the quality because of the cost.