Popular Outdoor Lighting Types

Apart from keeping your home safe and secure, outdoor lighting also useful in improving the aesthetics of your garden or home. Regardless of the size of balcony, garden or patio, you have a variety of lights from which to choose to transform your space instantly. This way your space gets to look much more welcoming. You can choose any of the outdoor lightings depending on your requirements.

Most popular styles and types of outdoor lighting


garden lamp

These type of lights are a useful choice in the installation at entrance points of sheds, porches or garages. Task lights give enough illumination hence makes it easier for you to leave or enter your property. An attractive way of installing is the lantern wall type of light that has a stylish and inviting look. Flush fitting wall lights also give similar illumination. They are cost- effective and suitable for installation on the side or back of doors.


These are useful in giving extra illumination to the outside sitting areas of your home, driveways, paths, and steps. Deck lights can be used to mark out pathways the same way floodlights are used. Floodlights give illumination to a bigger area hence are good for keeping a way intruders since they shun light on the dark areas along your perimeter.


These are the most preferred option when you need to add a touch of atmosphere and drama to your garden. Accent lights usually highlight ponds, plants or a water feature. A single light near a feature gives an intense and focused beam. It can also give soft and flattering effect to your features.


A dedicated security light has high visibility and can be used as a deterrent to intruders. They are usually installed around a property, boundary walls, and outbuildings. Most of the security lights are heat or motion activated to light up areas that attract undesirable attention.


floor lightingThese are eco-friendly and energy efficient option for use in the gardens. Solar lights save up to eighty percent the running cost. These lights depend on solar panels to pick the sun’s energy. They light automatically at nightfall to give a soft glow.

Outdoor lighting is important to illuminate your home and keep it secure. You can choose any of these lightings to give your home outdoor a great lighting.