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Why You Should Rent an Apartment

If by any chances you have to work abroad or somewhere far away from your home, you will need a place to stay. Usually, people will suggest you rent a house rather than an apartment, but hear us out that a studio is way better for rent when compared to a house. With many benefits, you will not regret renting an apartment.
In this article, we’re going to discuss some reasons on why you should rent an apartment rather than renting a house, read more in case you’re still debating about it. Hopefully, you can make your decision when you’re done reading this article.

You Live Alone

We get it, a house has a bigger space when compared to a condo, but if you’re going to live alone for some time, you will not need those extra space.
An apartment is designed to be small and compact, which will be simple and enough for travelers or digital nomads and even worker from another country.


Cleaning mopAs we’ve written before, an apartment is small and compact, which means you have less area to clean, not like a house that is. Since a studio has smaller space, that means you have less place to clean, which is perfect if you loathe the idea of cleaning every now and then.
To add things to consider, if you’re going to leave for a few days for a vacation or a business trip, you don’t have to worry since an apartment require less precaution than a house.

Many Amenities For You

If you like going to the gym or like to go to the convenience store at midnight, then it has never been easier when you live in an apartment. An apartment has many amenities that can be offered to you, such as a swimming pool, a gym and sometimes a small mini market downstairs.
Some apartments also provide a small room that can be used as a working space, events and small parties, make sure that you ask for permission first.


Trust us on this one; a house is more likely to become a target of criminals or robbery. If you’re a person who’s paranoid about safety and security, then it is much better to stay in an apartment.
Nowadays apartment is guarded with security, and if you’re still scared, some apartments have a passcode on the door, so only you know the password.

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Ways Of Owning Hua Hin Property As A Foreigner

Thailand is a beautiful country that is best known for the captivating topography of beaches and all year round tropical climate. Whether you desire to stay in Thailand for a long or short duration of time, you will need a safe neighborhood that offers you all the niceties in life. Renting a holiday villa is one way to go for short durations, but if you are keen on making a life here for yourself, then you should consider owning a property. While owning a land in Thailand as a foreigner is not the easiest thing, there are ways around this to get you your dream holiday home.

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Thai Relations

While you may not look to this as a way to get the property, it is possible to own your dream villa in conjunction with a spouse. As a foreigner, it is impossible to own land in Thailand. Your Thai spouse can, however, own land and property legally, which you can then enjoy. You are however advised to have a prenuptial agreement set up in the case of a break in the marriage so that you do not lose your investment.

Freehold Housing

If you simply wish to own property in Thailand without it necessarily being a villa, you can always settle for a condominium. Owning a condo as a foreigner is allowed under Thai law and will give you the liberty of living in your own Hua Hin property.

Leasehold Ownership

houseWhile it may not be possible to own land as a foreigner, you can get the land leased to you for a period of up to 30 years with a renewable contract after this time elapses. The property on the land will be sold to you, but the Thai owner retains ownership of the land. This arrangement works well if you can ensure that the lease is renewable after the first term elapses. This safeguard prevents you from losing your property.

Limited Company Partnership

If you are in Thailand for business, then the possibility that you are in partnership with a company there is high. If so, you can use them to purchase the land and villa that you seek to have. Through this partnership, you can get to own your property with a few stakeholders on board. The greatest advantage of this arrangement, as is with having a Thai spouse, is the fact that they can help you own the land by owning it themselves. You can draft a legally binding agreement of terms of use to shelter yourself. As a business owner, you will see the benefits of owning a property as opposed to renting it for the duration you will be in Thailand.