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What to Check When Buying a Leaf Blower

Most residents think that a leaf blower is more of a seasonal garden essential that will spend the rest of its life resting on the shelf. While it may be true that it is a popular option for autumn gardeners, it is surprising to know that the device can be quite valuable too throughout the year. Especially if you have a backyard with a few trees, getting rid of the falling leaves can be quite a hassle. It is when a leaf blower and vacuum come in handy to help you clean your yard in a relatively shorter time. It is also quite easy to find the blower online, making it even more popular.

One common problem is when buyers do not know what they are looking for specifically. This situation can lead to confusion as they have no idea about which item they should purchase. Thus, below are some features of a leaf blower that you should check out.

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Power Source

The power source is the first aspect you need to check when buying a blower for your garden. Gas-powered blowers are generally more powerful compared to the electric blower. Another plus point of this type is that it has no limit when it comes to the operation area. The electric types, on the other hand, are known for their easy maintenance. It also offers easier operation and more convenience. However, the fact that it has an electric cord that needs electric plug-ins makes it impossible to go far from the power socket. It means that the electric type has a limited operation area. To address this limitation, many manufacturers come up with another idea of producing battery-powered blower.

CFM and MPH Ratings

CFM stands for cubic feet per meter while MPH stands for miles per hour. These ratings are another vital aspect to check before buying one. The first rating measures the amount of air discharged by the device in a minute. The second refers to the speed of the air. These ratings significantly affect the overall power and performance of each type. If you have a small garden, it is advisable to go for the one with 300 rating range. However, if you have a quite large lawn and need to clean all the leaves immediately, you need a blower with at least 500 rating range.